Concept and design for ProPotsdam’s foyer and exhibition. The exhibition modules are showcasing the different working fields of ProPotsdam from the past 20 years and can be relocated to different locations in the city after.

Each section highlights one story through a related object, which we initiated and curated. For example, the completed school development is shown by drawings of the students of their favorite places inside, which we initiated with a workshop there.

In the multi-generational housing project, we conducted interviews with the tenants, which are made accessible on the exhibition module by means of bells and a receiver.

TEAM: ProPotsdam in Potsdam > Nominated for the Design Award Brandenburg, Brigitta Bungard communication design, Daniela Walz text, Neubauen furniture and module production, Markus Lerner digital design, Janusz Kruszewski architectural models, Sevens and Maltry photography