Newton’s Cottage echoes the form of the lock keeper’s cottage that once sat at Carpenter’s Road Lock, a historically significant lock over the River Lea. The narratives are created around the activities on the site and revealed that the canal systems in London rely on many things – humans, animals, and machines – all of which can be linked together by the use of rope.

We conceived an event with three activities: firstly, rope making led by expert rope makers Des & Liz Pawson; secondly knot tying in a variety of colourful materials; and thirdly we designed and made a life size wire horse that represented the shire horses that used to tow barges on the canals.

TEAM: Arif Wahid, Hannah Rogers, Pei–Hsin Chen, Takayuki Iishi, Yaqi Zhang, Des & Liz Pawson rope making, Lea Nagano video, Moira Lascelles curator, The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park project-management in London, workshop video: